Our Story

Hi! I'm Maddison

This whole idea started with a very impatient 19 year old girl waiting to bring home a little brown and white dog named Ruger from East Tennessee. September 2016 my life was about to change for many years to come. With the excitement of a new puppy overflowing; one of the exciting things of getting a new puppy is buying all the puppy necessities, a nutritious food, crate, puppy toys, blankets, nail clippers, clean up spray for the unenviable potty accidents, training treats, puppy shampoo, and the list seems to go on and on. The one thing I was excited for was a new cute collar and leash since this puppy was going everywhere with me! I came up short with trying to find the perfect collar and leash in local pet stores. Everything was pretty generic and just wasn't doing it for me.

Thats when I decided I could make exactly what I was looking for. I self taught myself how to sew on my moms sewing machine and bought all the materials and went to work.


In late 2016 I decided to sell my handmade collars as just a little hobby with a fitting shop name "The Southern Pointer". This little hobby that I grew so much to love became almost a full time job while I was busy in college. I figured it was best to take a break and focus on finishing my degree with hopes to reopen my shop soon.

In October 2017 we welcomed another German Shorthaired Pointer, Reiner, into our family making us a crazy pointer family of two! With a new addition it only made sense to update our name to better fit the purpose behind the brand now known as, Two Southern Pointers. What a crazy year 2020 has been, I have so many new products coming to fit our modern dog apparel and accessories shop and even everyday accessories and apparel for the modern dog moms and dads!

I hope you grow to love this brand as much as I have. Thanks for stopping by!

xo Maddison, Roo & Rein